Tuesday, February 11, 2014

LEGO Futuristic Police Car and Plane

Check out my recent creations. A futuristic police car and plane.

This car is police car. It goes really fast if they twist the knob. There is a window shield. And there is a big signal tower.

This plane is a police plane. It saves people. It has wings to fly and propeller so it can go into water.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lego Speed Engine Plane

Here is my speed engine plane it moves really fast. It has a propeller. It has two little guns on the front so bad guys cannot get the good guy. It can also turn into a boat and float on water. My mini fig has a bow tie on his shirt, he is really cool. There are also two little tables so he can put food and drink on them while he is driving.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tri-car creation

Here is my tri-car it moves really fast. It has a treasure chest on the back filled gems. The mini-fig has two swords and a nice shirt.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DK Read, Build, Play Event At The Lego Store

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Today we went to a Lego Store for a special day. And what was at the Lego store was books and you can read them. And there is a Lego kit inside the books. When you get to the part of a page there are Lego instructions where you can build the story. I build two things.

I liked the Ninjago kit the best. There were 3 books at the store: Lego Ninjago Fight The Power of the Snakes Brickmaster,  Lego Chima The Quest For Chi Brickmaster and Character Encyclopedia.

The girl at the Lego Store was really nice. She gived us a poster, pin and a bookmark. When you go each month you get a stamp to make a Lego Man, then you get a prize. You also got coloring pages.

It was fun. And I liked it because of all the fun stuff. Mommy bought me two kits. She got me a police truck and Star Wars ship.

From mom:
In June, July and August each Lego store will offer a Brickmaster event. The DK books listed above will be on display and one book will be opened during the event so that children can participate in a guided building activity (a different book each month). The events begin at 11 am. There are two dates to choose from each month (in case your schedule is busy like ours). The July dates are the 10th and the 17th (same book during each event). They will give each kids a few goodies like a pin, poster, etc. If you participated in at least one event each month (June, July and August) your children will receive a stamp on a bookmark (3 stamps to complete a minifig). In August children who have all three stamps receive a special prize.


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